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Short, no real plot development. And no ending

1: No true ending
2: Way too short
3: No true beginning

Missing all the essentials of a good flash production, 4/10

Hey, it's me, Redsonic

Well, glad you finished it. It's pretty neat. Wish I could help, but Flash isn't my domain. Have you been thinking about a 'non-flash' version yet? I'm waiting for you to say yes, XP.

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MidNightMaren responds:

Hello! Well, you never give up do ya :D loool!
Thanks for the review!

The chao was funny...movie was good.

The chao kinda ruins the moment of the epic airplane chase, then you see a chao pop his head in and out...it kind of ruins the moment.

But thats funny. So i guess it events out. Btw style is a 3 because VS movies arent all that new just so you know

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Short-Factor responds:

Click the chao.

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This isnt real...

Disconnect your internet and find out they arent real...it's so obvious anyway, same lines are said by different people...NOT ONLY THAT BUT, You can tell because someone says something every second...even if internet is gone.

liam0 responds:

Why would you disconnect your internet just to see if the chat is real? thats.. pointless..

Reminds me of pico...

It reminds me of pico...which is good! If you ever played pico's school you should get what i mean...

But, this was a good idea nontheless...But... ' Super ' X? so is He some kinda stupid super hero and tick was a SUPER VILLAin? o-o...

Anyways, good job, congrats on making it !

Mega-Spit responds:

Hey yeah, It is kinof like Pico. I didn't even notice that at all while making it... But yeah, Super X is just some title because uh... Thats all I could think of.

Oh man this rocks

This is the best game overall ive seen , the reason i gave 5 humour is cuz of the DUDE button , and 1 violence cuz of al the swears ...

Heres a song i made i like to call " the demon "

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I loooove making movies , its just my thing I think .

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